Grower of Quality Native Plants...

Native Roots Nursery is a wholesale nursery specializing in growing quality containerized native trees and shrubs. Our container sizes offered range from one gallon up to seven gallon one inch caliper trees. We grow over 90 different native species ranging from acer rubrum to viburnum prunifolium.

Every year we continue to expand our availability of native plants to better meet our customers needs. We don't just grow plants, we grow lasting relationships by providing superior plant materials and outstanding customer service! Whether you are restoring coastal habitat or undertaking a reforestation planting, Native Roots has all of your plant needs covered.

Benefits of Native Hardwoods:

  • Fosters healthy ecosystems and enhances biodiversity
  • Habitat and food for wildlife
  • Requires minimum maintenance and less water requirements
  • Protects water quality by controlling soil erosion
  • Offers more resistance to insects and disease than non-natives
  • Adds beauty to the landscape and preserves our natural heritage

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